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Larry and Doris LeDue

Larry passed away last year, but we wanted to keep this page in memory of his accomplishments.

Doris is carrying on the business based on established partnerships in the industry.


Here’s an article from the Fairplay Plume about Larry:


Two deaths leave South Park mourning

By Tom Locke, Editor 

South Park lost two well known residents on April 28:Larry LeDue, a former Park County commissioner candidate in 1996 who was known for his work to ensure the safety of South Park water and for his business Sustainable Solutions. LeDue died after a motorcycle crash in Mexico. There will be two services to celebrate LeDue’s life, one in metro Denver and one in South Park, but the dates had not been set as of May 1, according to his wife.

THE WHOLE GROUP (Left to right) Kathy and Bo Fox (Yamaha), Sharon and Mike Caskey (BMW), Doris and Larry LeDue (custom chopper), and Linda and Jim Nirri (Harley Davidson) enjoy some time as a waiter at the Cabo Harley Davidson takes their photo at the Cabo San Lucas Marina on their trip last month

Doris LeDue, who had her first date with her husband 29 years ago, said that he died on his way back from a vacation they had spent in Mexico with three other couples.The women had flown down while the men had gone by motorcycle, calling themselves the “Cabo Hogs.”

One of the men, Aurora resident Bo Fox, flew back with his wife and had his bike shipped, but Larry LeDue biked back with Parker residents Mike Caskey and Jim Nirri. Larry LeDue was out ahead on a narrow country road on the Baja Peninsula when a truck appeared and clipped his handlebar. Caskey related to Doris LeDue that her husband was very lucid, and they were talking. “He said Larry was being Larry,” she said. “For all of us who know him, he was just proud, strong. So he was just talking, and just keeping it together.” “The ambulance just didn’t get there in time,” she added.

He was 67 years old. LeDue’s body is in the small town of San Quintin, and his friends are dealing with the paperwork to have the body cremated in Ensenada and then returned to Colorado. “I’m just so humbled by all the love and affection,” said Doris LeDue. “Everyone has something to offer. They want to help and do.” “I’m just being held up,” she said.

IN MEXICO The “Cabo Hogs” – (left to right) Bo Fox, Jim Nirri, Mike Caskey, and Larry LeDue – stop for a photo on Pedragal Beach on Cabo San Lucas during their trip last month. (Photo by Doris LeDue)

What do people remember of LeDue? Ken DeLuccio, who worked with LeDue at Sustainable Solutions, said he could encounter a problem without letting it produce an adverse reaction. “He always had a smile on him. Nothing seemed to bother him. He was a problem-solver,” said DeLuccio, who lives in the Thousand Peaks subdivision southeast of Fairplay. “He was just a wonderful man. He was a loss to our community, for sure,” he added. Doris LeDue said that what she’s hearing from people is that they would remember him for his honor and being as good as his word. And there was his smile. “He had a way. Just an easy smile,” she said. LeDue was known for his activity with Save Our South Park Water, which expressed concerns about risks to water with drilling for natural gas in South Park. And he was known for his off-grid renewable energy solutions through his business, which often would come up with a hybrid system using wind and sun to work for a particular location. In the last couple of years, LeDue had also gotten involved in teaching about solar energy at Red Rocks Community College, Arapahoe Community College, Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association and the International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology.

LeDue had built his own motorcycle on a Harley Davidson frame, she said. Indeed, before they moved to the Santa Maria Ranch subdivision near Como in 1998, they had an automotive service and repair shop in Aurora. LeDue also formed a group of motorcyclists who raised money for good causes. Called the South Park Scooter Boys, it included Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener. The LeDues had bought their South Park property in 1991, and even before they moved to it full-time in 1998, he ran unsuccessfully for Park County commissioner in the Democratic primary in 1996. At their South Park property they built their earthship home, and it is there that the celebration service will be held. There are two sons from his first marriage and five grandchildren. “I feel like his legacy is just about love and living large,” said Doris LeDue. “What I’ve been telling my friends is just to hug their honeys more.”

(The above article was extracted from the Fairplay Plume with permission from the editor) 


Below are Larry’s Credentials & Testimonials to give you an idea of who he was:


“Larry Ledue with Sustainable Solutions, Inc. installed off-grid equipment to my shop in Park County, CO. The equipment included; solar panels, solar-thermal panels, and wind turbine. I chose to hire Larry due to his vast knowledge and expertise in renewable energy. Larry is not just an installer in renewable energy; he personally has installed renewable energy for his home. I highly recommend Larry in the renewable energy field.”
Richard Strong, Owner-Heart of the Rockies Welding, LLC.  August 2011

“Andy and I passed the NABCEP test in March.  Thanks for all of the knowledge you passed our way!”
Wally Harrison, Project Superintendent, Adolfson & Peterson Construction, April 2011

Sustainable Solutions made this a high quality installation which was important because we were the first PV system installed in our neighborhood and we wanted to do our part to present a good appearance and function of the system. Results are better than anticipated as we generated 5,077 kWh in 2010 representing 90% of our 2010 consumption.
John Richards, January 2011

Larry’s wealth of experience and long track record of quality work speak for themselves. The innovation and ability to give the client exactly what they want are earmarks of his style. In addition, Larry has been an advocate for renewable energy even when it wasn’t fashionable to do so. I admire his ability to analyze any issue and reach it’s root source quickly. I continue to use him as a knowledge source for real world experience at every opportunity.  Jason Mighell, May 2010

Everything is working to perfection, i.e. any improvement over the prior conditions is perfection. The meter continues to indicate that it is full, and that it charges when the sun is full on the solar panels. We have not run the generator since May 31st. Should we run is periodically just to keep things lubricated? Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the equipment and services provided. You are certainly welcome to use us as a reference. Bill Blankenship, June 2009

Larry’s knowledge, commitment, and enthusiasm for renewable energy design and installation is uniquely refreshing. He exceeded my expectations every time we have worked together with creative and highly professional project delivery. I hired him as a general contractor several times since 2000. Rob Warrick AIA LEED AP.

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity. Larry has worked for Red Rocks Community College as a Subcontractor, Consultant and Instructor. As a subcontractor his work was reasonable and high quality. As a consultant working with the Renewable Energy Technology advisory committee has been a very good experience, he is very knowledgeable. Larry Co-teaches Advanced Photovoltaic, I have watched him in class. He has good control of the class, excellent material and is very knowledgeable about the subject. We will continue to use Larry in all the capacities listed above, we consider him to be a valuable member of the team. Larry Synder, Red Rocks Community College.

Larry provided an excellent detailed quote for my Solar Panel project. He has expert knowledge of all alternative energy options for off grid systems. A consultant with great results, expert and good value. Rex Hefferan

Larry is a superb instructor for photovoltaic installation — knowledgeable, timely, and extremely patient with those who don’t get it right away. I also know his installations, which are professional and perfectly adapted to their situations. He is personable, an expert with high integrity. Lynn Hirshman (former Administrative Director for the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association 2007-2008).

Through my work with the GEO Solar Rebate Program for CoSEIA, I hired Larry to teach a PV workshop in support of the program. I personally attended and learned a great deal, and the class feedback was very positive. Larry has an easy and effective teaching style that gets through to both novice and experienced students. I highly recommend him as an instructor. I’ve only seen a couple of Larry’s solar installations in person, but it was evident that he is a conscientious and skilled solar designer/contractor. I would recommend Larry as a solar contractor because of his knowledge and skills, as well as his integrity and values. Traci Morin, Governor’s Energy Office Solar Rebate Program – subcontracted to create & implement, Sun T Enterprises, LLC (business partner)

Larry is a high quality, high reliability service provider. He is always available to answer questions and troubleshoot challenges. He comes to the rescue in a moment’s notice with a cheerful demeanor! He is personable, on time and demonstrates high integrity. Beth Shaw (Solar Design and Install client since 2004)

We were so pleased with the work that Larry LeDue did for us. He is knowledgeble in the field of solar energy and wind plus we found him to be an excellent teacher for us who were new to alternative energy systems. Larry is easy to work with, very prompt and reliable. Jim & Kate Schuler (Solar Designer and Installer of our solar system in 2007 and hired you more than once)

Larry is your man! He can work with anything, and is great at meeting challenging situations. He is a gentleman with the highest integrity and has had a long history of taking care of my solar/wind system, and always responsive to my requests for help even when I lived in another state. Nancy Fraser, Client for alternative energy systems since 1999

Thanks again for being a great partner on the WIRED program and the Workforce Staff Training. You are a large part of their success and iCAST deeply values your time, effort, and patience. Mark Palmer,Green Workforce Development Manager iCAST – The International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology

February, 2009, I just wanted to take the time to thank the two of you for your partnership with iCAST. In the past year iCAST has received tremendous visibility and attention. Without your assistance, we would not be where we are today! Mark has shared his compliments concerning the two of you with me on a regular basis. Together we have made a great team. Here’s to a great year of friendship and partnership in 2009. You’re the best and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your help and support. Thanks again! Chris Stoneman, iCAST, Vice President of Operations.

January, 2009 – Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) was honored on Wednesday with a 2008 Governor’s Excellence in Renewable Energy Award, Institutional category, in a ceremony at the state capital. This award recognizes individuals, companies, and institutions who contribute to protecting Colorado’s environment and advancing clean power through the development, implementation, usage, and promotion of renewable energy. Sustainable Solutions, Inc. has been providing consulting and teaching services to RRCC’s Energy Technology Program. The program has grown from 10 students in fall 2007 to 231 students currently. Students can earn an Associate of Applied Science in Renewable Energy Technology as well several certificates in the field. This training provides students with high demand skills to include LEED green building, energy auditing, solar PV, and solar thermal. As of fall 2008, 20 percent of students were employed in the renewable energy field, many in their first semester of study.

January, 2009, Larry, Thank you for spending time teaching us at the iCast training today. I learned a lot and you gave me more reasons to try and pursue this career direction. Thanks Again, Keep up the good work.

November 2008 Thank you for being part of this solar course! All the students really learned a lot from Larry’s presentation and I’m sure some will be contacting you for internship opportunities. Also, I would love to have you involved in the next solar course. Thanks again for all your effort in making this class a great success. Mark Palmer, WIRED Project Manager, iCAST – The International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology.

July 2007, I can’t thank you enough for your quick and enthusiastic response. I would be very interested in talking to you …. Cathy Rock, Department Chair, Construction Technology, Red Rocks Community College.

May 2007 I just wanted to send you a quick note to say what a great job you did in the Workshop on Saturday. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into it. Your stories were great and it was obvious that everyone learned a lot. Leslie Glustrom, former CoSEIA Admin Director.

May 2007, Regarding a Solar Feasibility Study  “Just wanted to thank you for meeting with me today and presenting the preliminary report.  Excellent information and I have shared the report already and getting positive feed-back.  They also commented on what a very informative report it is.  Since our discussion, ….. I need to proceed with the capital request for 2008 for 1.6mil.  I anticipate this to be approved. ”  Dennis J. Hopkins, Property Manager, Western Region, LMC Properties, Inc. (Lockheed Martin Corp.)


Approved through the Colorado Department of Labor and Education’s Eligible Training Provider List to participate in the State Energy Sector Partnership.  Credentials submitted, reviewed and accepted by the Business Advisory Council (BAC).  ” The BAC is comprised of individuals from business that hire workforce with renewable energy or energy efficiency skills.  That Council thoroughly reviewed the information submitted and determined that your organization be accepted to receive students with State Energy Sector Partnership scholarships”.

Accredited by the Colorado State Board of Community Colleges and Occupational Education for instruction of Energy Production & Industrial Construction.

Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (CoSEIA) certified in Photovoltaic Installation since June 2003, Requires 12 annual continuing education credits and CPR / 1st Aid Certifications as well.

North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners  (NABCEP) – Acknowledges that Larry’s Off-Grid Stand Alone & Hybrid PV Systems Course and his Residential Grid-Tie PV Design and Installation Course meets the criteria for NABCEP Continuing Education 8 Contact Hours, April 2008 and again in April of 2011.

Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) Pre-approved Solar Contractor. Prescreened Solar Contractor, August 2005 – Present

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CORE – Connected Organizations for a Responsible Economy, May 2009

Environment Colorado – October 2006

CRES – Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Since September 2006

Network of Advisors – Consultant to the financial industry with regard to solar energy products research and development – Since July 2006

ASES – American Solar Energy Society, Since March 2006

COSEIA – Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association Since April 2003

Park County Colorado General Contractor’s License # 1668 since November 2000

Real Goods Home Demonstration Program and Lifetime Member Since 1992


Touring the Sun Edison / San Luis Valley grid-tie installation

“”National Electrical Code Compliance for Photovoltaic Systems”  Bill Brooks, February 19, 2010, Denver Sheraton West.

CoSEIA sponsored Annual Conference and Meeting February 18-19, 2010, Denver Sheraton West.

CoSEIA sponsored Annual Conference and Meeting February 6 and 7, 2009.  Denver, Colorado.  Solar Policy, Review and Legislation Speakers.  Rally and Press Conference on Capital steps.  Governor’s Energy Office speakers Matt Futch and Jeff Lyng.

SunWize sponsored 2 day Dealer Conference, Oct 2008. Presentations by QuickMount, Sunwize, Kaneka, Fronius, Sharp

Sun Edison Site Review. This is Colorado’s largest solar PV installation (8 mega watts) and one of the largest in the United States. This solar production field is located just north of Alamosa. May 2008

Xcel Energy Net Meter Bill – Training for Installers, April 2008

CoSEIA sponsored Annual Conference and Meeting March 26, 2008.  Fort Collins, Colorado.  Keynote speaker, Ken Salazar.  Panels on Colorado construction law, exploration of current Colorado energy legislation and implementation of solar energy projects across the country.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union #68 sponsored two evening (Feb 27 & 28, 2008) Solar PV – NEC (National Electrical Code) Seminar. John Wiles, 6 hours, broken into SANDIA PV and NEC Suggested Practices, Inspector’s guidelines.

Colorado’s New Energy economy: The Path Forward, October 2007, Speaker included Ron Binz, Chairman, PUC; Governor Ritter; Energy Outreach; Environment Colorado. Break out sessions: 1) New Generation Technologies, What is Feasible and at what Cost? 2) Going Green, Will the Benefits Exceed the Costs to Consumers, October 2007

CoSEIA sponsored Annual Conference and Meeting March, 2007.  Golden, Colorado.

SEIA Solar Power 2006 Conference in San Jose California Oct 18, 2006

CoSEIA sponsored 2 day Solar Thermal Workshop – Oct 13-14, 2006. Background and Overview of Systems, Installation Issues, Interfacing Solar controls with Heating Systems, Maintenance and Repair of Solar Thermal Systems

SunWize sponsored 3 day Dealer Conference, Nov 1-3, 2006. Presentations by 8 Manufacturers. Fronius, OutBack, ProStar, Surrette Battery, SMA, Xantrex, UniRac and SouthWest Wind Power.

Zantrex Factory Certified Grid Tie Workshop, by Alternative Energy Engineering, 8 hrs, July 2006

PV Installation and Design by Ken Thames, 4 hrs., June 2006

CoSEIA sponsored Annual Conference and Mtg Mar 7, 2006. Speakers from National Solar Energy Industries Assoc, Xcel Energy’s Amendment 37 Solar Program, Net Metering/Solar Thermal, Public Utilities Commission Chairman, Governor Bill Ritter, and reviews for concentrating Solar Power, Solar Thermal and Solar Electric.

North American Board of Certified Electrical Practitioners (NABCEP) – Study Guide, 2005

Introduction to Wind Energy by V. Creazzi, October 2003

National Electric code (NEC) solar codes by J.C. Wiles, at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) August 2003

Solar Living Institute (SLI) – Energy Fair August 2003

CoSEIA certification in Photovoltaics since June 2003

Advanced Solar Design and Installation September 2002

PUBLICATIONS which further our knowledge

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Larry was at Oct. 23’s Energy Resource Fair at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton.
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